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Implant Dentures – Gainesville, FL

A Comfortable, Stable Smile After Tooth Loss

For hundreds of years, total tooth loss meant having to wear dentures, and, although modern dentures are more comfortable than they used to be, the general concept hasn’t changed much over the years. Not only can normal dentures be difficult to adjust to wearing, but they eventually slip and need to be replaced. Today, you don’t have to settle for inferior teeth just because you’ve lost your natural ones. Implant dentures provide a new lease on life and can give your smile a second chance! If you are interested in learning more about implant dentures, contact our team and schedule a consultation.

Why Choose Exceptional Dentistry & Sedation Center for Implant Dentures?

What are Implant Dentures?

woman smiling after knowing what implant dentures are

Chances are when you think of implants, you envision a single implant with a dental crown bonded on top. But did you know that multiple teeth can be supported on an implant? As a matter of fact, an entire arch of teeth can be held in place by four to six implants. This highly specialized type of tooth replacement combines the best of implants and dentures for those who have no remaining teeth.

Fixed/Permanent Implant Dentures

diagram of implant dentures with six implants

Most of the time, patients want to have their replacement teeth feel and look as realistic as possible. In these cases, we can permanently bond the denture to the implants. As a result, they feel and act just like natural teeth, allowing you to have a fully functional smile with minimal maintenance but with maximum strength and stability.

Removable Implant Dentures

implants next to removeable implant dentures in Gainesville

If you’ve worn normal dentures for a while, you may have become accustomed to taking them out for cleaning. You can continue to have this convenience and choice if you desire. With this type, your implant dentures will basically “snap” in and out of place with your implants so you can enjoy the same benefits as fixed implants dentures.

The Implant Denture Procedure

man talking with an implant dentist in Gainesville about the process

Once we determine to move forward with implant dentures, we surgically position four to six implants strategically. Then, we allow the jawbone to heal and grow around the implant posts, which makes them secure. After about three to six months, we take impressions of your mouth so that we can order your custom dentures from the lab. Soon following this, we attach your new dentures to the implants and give you a complete smile you can be proud of.

Am I a Candidate for Implant Dentures?

man smiling as a good candidate for implant dentures in Gainesville

The requirements for implant dentures are pretty simple. Other than to be missing all your teeth, you need to have a generally healthy mouth, meaning you don’t have gum disease or any other issues. You also must have enough jawbone tissue to support the implants. If you do not qualify right at first, don’t get discouraged—there are treatments (such as gum disease therapy or bone grafts) that can correct these shortcomings and get you in a better position for implant dentures.

Benefits of Combining Dentures & Dental Implants

man smiling and enjoying the benefits of implant dentures in Gainesville

When you attach dentures to implants, you get to enjoy many advantages over dentures alone. For instance, the jawbone deterioration that naturally occurs after tooth loss is prevented with implants. This means that you can wear your dentures for much, much longer. In fact, they can last more than 20 years!

Implant dentures enable you to resume a normal, healthy diet because they are much more secure than traditional dentures. Slippage is not a problem, so you can feel confident while eating or speaking in front of others.

In addition, when you are replacing all your natural teeth, only a handful of implants are needed to hold an entire arch of prosthetic teeth. Implant dentures are much more efficient than replacing each individual missing tooth with a dental implant.

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