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IV Sedation Dentistry – Gainesville, FL

Soothe Your Dental Anxieties

girl in dental chair after I V sedation dentistry visit

Does the thought of getting dental work done send shivers of fear down your spine? Do you freeze up at the idea of dentists poking around in your mouth? If so, IV sedation in Gainesville sounds like just the thing you need to soothe your dental anxieties. This form of sedation dentistry is a step below general anesthesia. You’ll be awake and responsive, but you likely won’t remember a thing about your treatment. If your dental anxiety has kept you from getting the care you need in the past, contact us today to allow us to soothe your fears with IV sedation dentistry in Gainesville, FL. 

How Does IV Dental Sedation Work?

woman smiling in dental chair during I V sedation dentistry visit

Intravenous, or IV, sedation involves us administering anti-anxiety medications directly into your bloodstream. You may also hear it referred to as “twilight” sedation. Essentially, you’ll be awake enough to respond to the requests of your sedation dentist in Gainesville, but you are very likely to experience full or partial memory loss following the procedure. This allows you to get the care you need completely worry-free.

We will inject the medication into your bloodstream through a needle placed in your arm. If you’re afraid of needles, we can administer laughing gas to help soothe your fear. While you’re under, we’ll be sure to monitor your vital signs and adjust the medication accordingly.

Who Is a Good Candidate for IV Sedation Dentistry?

Woman in need of I V sedation dentistry afraid in dental chair

IV sedation in Gainesville may be perfect for you if you have a fear of needles or severe anxiety surrounding the thought of getting dental work done. It may also help if you have a hard time getting numb with local anesthetic alone. If you have sensitive teeth or gums, or a strong gag reflex that makes getting dental work difficult, then sedation can suppress those issues. Finally, IV sedation is perfect if you have to complete numerous procedures in one visit, such as getting several teeth extracted at once.

What Can You Expect When You Get IV Sedation?

man relaxed with nasal nitrous oxide sedation dentistry mask

Before getting IV sedation in Gainesville, you will have to make sure you have a ride to and from our dental office, as you will be in no condition to drive afterwards. You should have someone take care of you for at least 12 hours afterwards, and plan to get plenty of rest, since you will likely feel incredibly tired after your procedure. The person driving you home should be able to relay your post-operative care instructions to you later when your medication has worn off.

In addition to having a ride, you should refrain from eating or drinking for six to eight hours before your procedure. It will also make it easier for us if you wear a short-sleeved shirt or a shirt with sleeves that can easily roll up to allow us access to your arm so we can administer the medication.

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