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Smile Transformation with Gainesville Cosmetic Dentistry

Creating Your Dream Smile With
A Personalized Smile Makeover

Doctor’s Art and Kim Mowery don’t just dabble in cosmetic dentistry. Both are graduates of the University Of Florida School Of Dentistry and are former clinical adjunct professors there. They have extensive cosmetic, reconstructive, and physiological dental training from the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies. What’s more, Dr. Art Mowery served as an instructor at the institute for more than ten years. Combined, the doctors have placed over 5,000 restorations and have performed thousands of cosmetic, restorative, and physiological smile makeovers. They have also treated more than 200 other dentists, have more than 200 client testimonials, and have hundreds of before and after photos to view.

Our Cosmetic Dentistry Services

At Exceptional Dentistry, we offer a comprehensive selection of services to help our patients from Gainesville and beyond. One of our most popular services is Zoom! Teeth Whitening. With teeth whitening, patients can eliminate embarrassing stains to enjoy a more beautiful smile. Porcelain veneers are another popular option. Porcelain veneers give our doctors another way to create a whiter, not to mention straighter, smile with a single service.

For a truly straighter smile, we offer Invisalign clear braces. Invisalign doesn’t rely on brackets and wires the way traditional braces do. Instead, they use clear, custom-made aligners that are practically invisible and can be taken out for eating and regular oral care.

For patients who need to replace one or more teeth, dental implants can deliver completely functional results that also look great. Two or more of all these services put together in a single treatment plan makes up what we call a smile makeover. With a smile makeover, we can radically transform your smile’s appearance.

What to Look For

When choosing a dentist to perform your smile makeover, be sure you know what to look for:


Start by doing a little research. Ensure that whoever is doing your treatment has specific training in aesthetic dentistry, either at the university level or through continued education courses. Your dentist should continue his or her aesthetics education every year.


Once you find a dentist who interests you, make an appointment for a consultation. While there, ask to see the photo album of the dentist’s own before and after cases. Be sure that it contains only the work they have done and are not stock photography or simulations. Also, look at the dentist’s and his or her team member’s smiles; have they had the procedures they are recommending to you? Do they look good? Ask who did their dental work.


During the records appointment, the dentist should personally do a comprehensive examination of your teeth. He or she should view x-rays, discuss any discomfort you may be experiencing and ask you pertinent questions about what you would like to change about your smile or bite. They should then give you several treatment options to enhance or repair your smile.


Ask what laboratory ceramist and materials the dentist uses to make veneers. Laboratories and material can also be researched. Your dentist should have no problem helping you to get personal validation that they use an excellent lab and materials.

"We love what we do," says Art Mowery. “Kim and I thrive on the positive changes our Smile Makeovers create for our patients. Many of them couldn’t even be helped before this new technology. Now, crooked teeth can be straightened, stained teeth whitened, chipped or broken teeth can be repaired and missing teeth replaced. Most, in just two visits! No more two years wearing braces.

Porcelain Veneers

Patients with a number of chips, cracks, gaps, and stains no longer need to treat each issue individually. Instead, we offer one simple solution that will repair and conceal numerous smile flaws. Porcelain veneers are thin sheaths of dental grade porcelain that are affixed to the front facing parts of teeth. If we determine porcelain veneers are the right option to repair smiles, patients should plan to visit our office two times. During the initial appointment, we’ll need to remove a minimal amount of surface enamel to allow the veneers to lay flat within the smile. Then, we capture bite impressions that will be used by the lab to craft custom veneers. Before patients leave, we’ll place a temporary veneer to protect the prepared teeth. Once we receive the final veneers from the lab, patients need to return to exchange their temporary for the custom crafted porcelain veneers, leaving them with flawless smiles.

You Can Have The Smile You've Never Had
With Porcelain Veneers

Metal-Free Restorations

Metal Free Restorations - Gainesville, Fl  Dental crowns, bridges, inlays, and other restorations are available in a variety of materials including gold and porcelain bonded to metal. However, for those patients who want to repair a tooth or conceal extensive cosmetic irregularities with a cosmetically superior solution, all-ceramic restorations are the ideal option. These metal-free restorative materials are also the only solution recommended for patients who have allergies or sensitivities to metal. The creation and placement process for all-ceramic restorations is the same as that for any other material. Patients will need to visit our office at least two times. During the initial visit, we prepare the tooth, capture bite impressions, and place a temporary restoration. Once we receive the final solution, patients return to our office to exchange the temporary for a custom dental restoration.


Bonding - Gainesville, Fl  Direct bonding uses the same composite resin material as tooth-colored fillings to conceal and correct cosmetic flaws. The process is simple and can be completed in just one visit. Many of the same flaws that are concealed with porcelain veneers can be corrected with direct bonding. For those patients who are able to correct flaws with bonding, the process is faster, more conservative, and more affordable. Like any dental treatment, direct bonding isn’t the right option for everyone. This cosmetic solution is ideal for patients with minimal damaged or stained areas on just a few teeth. If we determine direct bonding is your best option, we’ll simply need to place the putty-like composite resin onto the tooth. Then, we’ll shape the material to conceal or fix cosmetic concerns. Finally, we use a curing light to harden the resin in place correcting cosmetic flaws.

Zoom! Teeth Whitening

Zoom! Teeth Whitening - Gainesville, Fl  Zoom! whitening is the most requested professional whitening solution available. As millions of people have discovered, Zoom! brightens smiles up to ten shades in just about an hour. Whiter teeth look healthier and make patients appear younger. Our in-office treatment is customized to meet individual needs, so we can provide predictable whitening solutions. Once we’ve helped you achieve the brighter appearance you’re after, we will also provide custom application trays and whitening gel you can use at home to touch up the results. With regular retreatment at home, the effects of Zoom! whitening treatments last years. Over the counter whitening products have proven ineffective in brightening most patients’ smiles because they use ill-fitting application trays that leak and allow saliva in to neutralize the whitening agent and the dose of whitener is significantly weaker than professional agents. Zoom! allows our team to safely and effectively help patients achieve their desired results without damaging teeth or gum tissue.


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