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When Can You Get Dentures After Tooth Extraction?

April 13, 2023

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A smiling woman who just received a tooth extraction

Before denture treatment, you may have a few pearly whites pulled. That’s typical – prosthetic teeth can be more cost-effective than keeping damaged ones. Still, you may wonder how the tooth pulling affects your care’s timeline. Perhaps you’re thinking, “When can I get dentures after tooth extraction?” Well, answering that question depends on your circumstances. Luckily enough, your Gainesville dentist is here to explain. Here, then, is how long you must wait between tooth extraction and receiving dentures.

Gums Need to Heal After Extraction

First, remember: permanent, adult teeth aren’t meant to come out. Therefore, tooth extraction causes minor damage to your gum tissue. Your gums will then need time to recover and fully heal.

How you want to manage this recovery will impact your wait for dentures. Given your decision, the time between extraction and getting the prosthetics can be shorter or longer.

How Soon Can You Get Dentures?

Ultimately, how long it takes to go from extraction to dentures varies. It all comes down to the patient’s priorities. Depending on your preferred prosthetics, then, here’s what to expect in terms of timing:

Immediate Dentures

If you want to finish treatment at once, consider immediate dentures. Dentists place these kinds the same day your teeth are pulled, meaning they’re worn while your mouth heals. After recovery, dentists will often give you different, longer-lasting dentures.

While quick to attain, immediate dentures do have downsides. Wearing them right after a tooth extraction is challenging. More specifically, it requires learning to chew again while dealing with sore gums.

Permanent, Custom-Made Dentures

As long as you can wait a while, customized permanent dentures should work for you. Fitted for your mouth following extraction, they depend on fully-healed gums to work. As a result, receiving them normally takes 3-6 months.

Dentists usually recommend patients take this option. While it means going without teeth for a bit, the final restorations will fit your mouth better and cause less soreness.

Implant Dentures

Patients who can wait for secure teeth should opt for implant dentures. About ten weeks post-extraction, you’ll be well enough to receive these models. Your results will be highly stable in exchange – the restorations won’t even slip or fall!

Admittedly, receiving implant dentures can be a bit involved. Your dentist, for example, may recommend a longer recovery if you need bone grafting first. That said, the smile these dentures give you should last for decades.

As you can see, the wait for dentures after tooth extraction depends on you. Talk to your dentist, then, about how soon you want to enjoy a new grin!

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