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Will Getting a Dental Crown Really Hurt?

February 8, 2024

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3D illustration of a dental crown being placed

Maybe you’re about to get a dental crown for the first time. If so, you can look forward to the results – this dental cap will protect and beautify your tooth. Still, you may have a certain question: “Does getting a dental crown hurt?” While you may need treatment, the idea that it’ll cause pain can lead to worries. Luckily, there’s no reason to worry – the crown procedure is painless. Your Gainesville dentist is here to explain why that’s the case. So, read on to learn why getting a dental crown doesn’t hurt.

How Crown Treatment is Painless

A standard crown procedure has two crucial phases: the initial “prep visit” and the later “crown placement.” Neither of these treatment stages should cause you any pain.

Preparation Visit

Your tooth won’t be ready for your crown at first. To prepare it, your dentist must remove bits of the chomper’s enamel. (This work helps the final restoration fit snugly.) However, this removal process isn’t painful. The dentist will numb your tooth first to make it ache-free.

After preparing your tooth, the dentist will take an impression of it. A dental lab uses this model to make your final crown. That said, getting this impression won’t hurt either.

Crown Placement

At the final placement visit, the dentist bonds the crown to your tooth. This action isn’t painful for the patient – your tooth should be numbed beforehand. In fact, enough anesthesia could be applied that your pearly white won’t feel anything until you return home.

The dental team will make a few adjustments once the crown is placed. Such changes are so minor that you won’t even sense them.

Recovery Involves Brief Soreness

While getting a crown is painless, you may feel sore after the placement. This symptom is normal. After all, the anesthesia will wear off and the treated tooth has a slightly different shape.

Thankfully, such aches are temporary and don’t last. They’ll quickly fade away after a few days. If the pain persists past that point, contact your local dental team.

Delaying a Crown Leads to Pain

You may assume skipping or delaying crown work means less pain. Sadly, the opposite is true – putting off a needed dental cap will cause more discomfort.

You see, delaying means your tooth damage will worsen. Your pearly white will have a chance to get chips, cracks, etc. If that happens, you might feel more tooth sensitivity and intense dental pain.

Meanwhile, speedy crown treatment reduces and avoids pain. It’ll quickly protect your tooth from injuries and infections. That way, you won’t require a root canal or tooth extraction.

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